Submit the right way to press, festivals, labels, and endorsements.

About Elite EPK

An electronic press kit is a collection of online information and content to be sent to other professionals in the music industry. Think of it as your resume as an artist; and you want your resume to stand out.

Elite EPK is specially designed by 80/20 Records, an independent record label, to get the best response from press, festivals, record labels, and endorsement opportunities. It is a sleek, professional one-page website formatted for the information they need in a few easy clicks.

You don’t need to be an web expert or be ‘tech-savvy’ to use our EPKs.

See Example


Artist images

Embedded YouTube videos

Artist biography

Embedded streaming (provided by Soundcloud)

Press quotes

Touring dates (provided by BandsInTown)

Social media and website links

Links to music (Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp)

Contact information

Lyrics sheet


$179 one-time fee

$40 per year for hosting (optional)


Do I have to host the EPK through your company?

Not at all, you can certainly host your EPK on your own web servers. At the end of the process we send you all files. However we do provide hosting at $40 per year.

What if I need to make changes?

If you are hosting your EPK you can make any changes you want, however only recommend doing so if you’re familiar with HTML or know a friend who makes websites. There are instructions in the files but if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll probably break something.

Otherwise we are more than happy to make changes for you at a small fee depending upon the request.

Can I customize the EPK?

It is possible for us to make customizations depending upon what you’re looking for. Contact us and we will respond to let you know if those customizations are possible and the price involved.

However keep in mind this is a streamlined EPK for a specific purpose. If you’re looking for something more elaborate you may want to incorporate it into your official website. If you don’t have an official website or looking to upgrade it please contact us, we might be able to help you here.